Printed Lights

NthDegree has developed a pioneering new method of creating beautifully colored solid state lighting products. Using our printed semiconductor technology, our lights are manufactured by printing our semiconductor inks with a standard printing press. This low-cost integrated manufacturing method creates lights that are flexible, lightweight and can be converted into many different form factors - adding significant value to the end user.

The first Nth Light is a Flat Panel Light which is a 2’ x 4’ fluorescent troffer replacement that is ideal for spaces requiring quality recessed, general-purpose lighting. Efficient, economical, aesthetically pleasing, the Flat Panel Light is the alternative to florescent tube lighting in retrofits and new construction.

The Flat Panel Light is printed with all non-toxic materials and contains no mercury or other hazardous material, so there are no HAZMAT disposal issues.

Product Benefits

  • Lower upfront cost than currently available LED troffers
  • Large labor savings on construction projects  - lightweight, reduced packaging waste, multiple units per package
  • Easy to install solution with integrated power supply
  • Low profile Troffer design requires less plenum space for installation
  • Low cost “green lighting implementation” – potential for LEEDS points
  • Flexible and shapeable lighted substrate allows designers to create lighting landscapes never before achievable